Happy Birthday Karli and Happy Birthday Jesus!

So I guess its about time I write how Christmas and Karlis birthday went....it was great! Every year our family has Christmas eve at the church...yeah i know...kinda weird...but the kids have fun running around and no adults feel like their house is being destroyed. (only the Lords...lol) We sang happy birthday to Karli and the kids told the Christmas story (between laughing) and Ky played his guitar. I was the lucky one to recieve the leg lamp in the white elephant gift exchange, thanks Duane and Emily! Christmas morning went well...of course ky comes in my room about 1:30 am...about the time im going to sleep...ready to open presents?...uh NO! Poor guy...tortured for hours! Well actually i got up about 5:30...so not too bad for him. But it was great times!!!

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