Big Mouth Jr.

Kyran loves bearded dragons, actually all lizard for that matter, he loves to go to Evergreen pet store cause the guy there let him hold them. He named this guy Big Mouth Jr.


Don't you just love school pictures...

I know I could go to Kiddie candid and get a good deal on cute pics but there just something about the good ol' school pictures. Good for blackmail when they get older, although I think these turned out pretty cute!


Cookie Craziness!

Last night while Kyran went with the all the boys to the chiefs game (he had a blast by the way)us girls (Leigh, Heather, me and kids) stayed at Leighs house and decorated delicious sugar cookies that Leigh made. There were candies and sprinkles galore! Karli had so much fun decorating with her friends Julia, Jaynee and of course Tanner, the only dude there. We ate pizza, chatted and listened to old music, oh and can't forget..the drive through video which took about half the night to watch but very funny! It was fun times!

And a fun game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O!


Carver Farms 2008!

No hayrides because of rain BUT..we got to ride Big Blue...I love riding big blue...the car!
Future pumpkin farm models!
Peek-a-boo through the corn husks (in the so called corn maze..more like corn row)

Peace out!